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Scented Coco-Rose Whipped Body Butter – Front Side, 4oz & 8oz.

Coco-Rose Whipped Body Butter

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Enrich your skin in the velvety richness of our Coco-Rose Luxe Whipped Body Butter, a sumptuous treat blended with the celestial aroma of Rose Essential Oil. Better your skincare ritual to an exquisite experience of self-care, as this plush formulation revitalizes and caresses your skin.

Noteworthy Advantages:

  • Moisture Maximizer: Provides unparalleled hydration to alleviate parched skin.
  • Visual Improvement: Aids in diminishing the visibility of blemishes like scars and stretch marks.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Formulated with sustainably sourced, organic ingredients.
  • Unadulterated Purity: Zero inclusions of artificial colors, fragrances, or hazardous substances.
  • Ethical Choice: Fully vegan and never subjected to animal testing.

Target Audience & Utilization:

Tailored for the unique needs of families of mothers, fathers, and youngsters. This opulent body treat enhances your daily skincare regimen. To relish its comprehensive benefits, smother your skin post-shower, locking in moisture and inviting nourishment.

Utilization Instructions:

Post-shower, lavish your skin with a generous layer of this whipped delight. Work it in, focusing on parched areas, until your skin has absorbed all the goodness.


Conceived for your well-being, the Coco-Rose Luxe Whipped Body Butter incorporates a curated blend of nourishing elements. It features Raw Shea Butter for unparalleled moisture, Cocoa Butter for supple softness, Organic Coconut Oil for a hydration boost, Sweet Almond Oil for vital nutrients, and Rose Essential Oil for that heavenly aroma. A recipe for your skin’s delight, free from any compromises.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karan Sinha
Sooooo Gooooodddd!!

I bought it at the One of a kind show! I first bought it for me but felt so good right after, so I went again to get for my 2 year old.
Oh my god within a day her skin was so soft and she loved the smell, and slept so peacefully at night.
Love love love this product.

Mickey Palha
Miracle cream

This will change your life ❤️