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Scented Coco-Rose Whipped Body Butter – Front Side, 4oz & 8oz.

Coco-Rose Whipped Body Butter

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Enrich your skin in the velvety richness of our Coco-Rose Luxe Whipped Body Butter, a sumptuous treat blended with the celestial aroma of Rose Essential Oil. Better your skincare ritual to an exquisite experience of self-care, as this plush formulation revitalizes and caresses your skin.

Noteworthy Advantages:

  • Moisture Maximizer: Provides unparalleled hydration to alleviate parched skin.
  • Visual Improvement: Aids in diminishing the visibility of blemishes like scars and stretch marks.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Formulated with sustainably sourced, organic ingredients.
  • Unadulterated Purity: Zero inclusions of artificial colors, fragrances, or hazardous substances.
  • Ethical Choice: Fully vegan and never subjected to animal testing.

Target Audience & Utilization:

Tailored for the unique needs of families of mothers, fathers, and youngsters. This opulent body treat enhances your daily skincare regimen. To relish its comprehensive benefits, smother your skin post-shower, locking in moisture and inviting nourishment.

Utilization Instructions:

Post-shower, lavish your skin with a generous layer of this whipped delight. Work it in, focusing on parched areas, until your skin has absorbed all the goodness.


Conceived for your well-being, the Coco-Rose Luxe Whipped Body Butter incorporates a curated blend of nourishing elements. It features Raw Shea Butter for unparalleled moisture, Cocoa Butter for supple softness, Organic Coconut Oil for a hydration boost, Sweet Almond Oil for vital nutrients, and Rose Essential Oil for that heavenly aroma. A recipe for your skin’s delight, free from any compromises.

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Mickey Palha
Miracle cream

This will change your life ❤️